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Sweet Escape- No Sugar Edition Hamper

Sweet Escape- No Sugar Edition Hamper

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Sweet Escape- No Sugar Edition Hamper
Regular price ₹2,880
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Indulge in the guilt-free pleasures of our Sweet Escape - Sugarfree Hamper, a meticulously curated collection of sugar-free chocolates that promise the richness of cocoa without the sugar. This hamper is a haven for those who seek the sweet allure of chocolate while adhering to a sugar-conscious lifestyle. Each piece in this collection is crafted to deliver full-flavored delight, ensuring a luxurious experience that satisfies chocolate cravings without compromise.

Product Info

"TWT Dark Chocolate 71% with Orange Oil (80g): A rich and intense dark chocolate enhanced with the zest of orange oil, offering a refreshing citrus twist.

RAY NoSugar Chocolate Couverture (80g): Premium chocolate couverture, masterfully crafted for those who desire the essence of chocolate without the sugar.

TWT Dark Chocolate 55% with Almond & Raisin (80g): A delightful blend of dark chocolate with crunchy almonds and sweet raisins, balancing taste and health.

BeanToChocolatier Sugarfree Almond (100g): Exquisite sugar-free chocolate with almonds, perfect for those who enjoy nutty nuances in their chocolate.

Belgian NSA Bar Milk+Almond (100g): A smooth and creamy milk chocolate with almonds, offering a sugar-free alternative without sacrificing flavor.

Small Red Box: Elegantly presented in a small red box, this collection of sugar-free chocolates is a testament to refined taste and health-conscious indulgence.

Charlotte Pearl Bow: Tied together with a Charlotte pearl bow, the hamper exudes sophistication, making it an ideal gift for health-aware individuals or a personal treat for those who love chocolate but avoid sugar."

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