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Gift Carnation

Lady's Luxe Collection

Lady's Luxe Collection

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Lady's Luxe Collection
Regular price ₹4,400
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Present a meticulously curated jewellery box adorned with pieces tailored to her style. Delicate floral arrangements grace the presentation, enhancing its natural beauty. Personalized photocards share heartfelt messages, creating a gift that dazzles with aesthetic appeal and resonates deeply with sentiment.

Product Info

Hamper Contents:

1. Reusable Gift carnation Box: A reusable and eco-friendly box serves as the foundation, adding practicality and sustainability to your gift.
2. Clutch for Women: A stylish clutch, chosen with her taste in mind, adds a touch of fashion and utility to the gift set.
3. Sipper with a Metal Straw: Promoting sustainability, the sipper with a metal straw encourages eco-conscious habits while providing a practical and trendy accessory.
4. Necklace and Earrings: These jewellery pieces are carefully selected to complement her style, adding elegance and charm to her accessory collection.
5. Personalized Messages/Photocards: Including personalized messages or photocards adds a heartfelt touch, making the gift more meaningful and memorable.
6. Floral Decoration: Delicate floral decorations enhance the aesthetic appeal of the gift, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance.

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