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Crave and Conquer Crate

Crave and Conquer Crate

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Crave and Conquer Crate
Regular price ₹3,979
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Unleash a world of flavors with our Crave and Conquer Crate, a delectable selection of sweet and savory snacks that cater to every craving. This crate is a gourmet journey through an array of high-quality treats, from indulgent chocolates to crunchy crisps, perfect for those who love to explore diverse tastes and textures. Whether you're a foodie or simply looking to indulge your snack cravings, this collection has something for everyone.

Product Info

"Le Orgn DC Orange Cinn Hazelnut Bar (75g): A delightful fusion of orange, cinnamon, and hazelnuts in a decadent chocolate bar.

The Whole Truth Choco Crunch Muesli (350g): A wholesome and crunchy muesli with a chocolatey twist, perfect for a satisfying breakfast.

Ferrero Rocher T4 (50g): Luxurious hazelnut chocolates that are synonymous with indulgence and elegance.

Sapphire Square Tin Almond (90g): Roasted almonds in a charming tin, offering a nutty and crunchy snack.

Monetta Hazelnut Wafer Sticks (300g): Light and crispy wafer sticks filled with creamy hazelnut, ideal for a sweet treat.

Nature's Dried Pineapple (200g): Chewy and tangy dried pineapple pieces, a tropical delight in every bite.

Open Secret White Choco Nuty Cookies (25g): Crunchy cookies with a white chocolate twist, packed with nuts for an extra crunch.

Natch Popped Chips Barbecue (55g): Smoky and savory popped chips, perfect for a flavorful snack time.

Loacker Italian Tiramisu (220g): A delectable treat that brings the classic flavors of Italian tiramisu in a crispy wafer form.

Belgian Waffle Classic Crisps Chocolate (85g): Crispy waffles coated in rich Belgian chocolate, a timeless favorite.

Decorative Tray Medium (15x12x3): All these gourmet treats are beautifully arranged on a medium-sized decorative tray, making it a stylish gift option.

Nature's Raisin (250g): Sweet and succulent raisins, a natural treat packed with sweetness and nutrition.
Gift Style Custom Toffee Wrap: Adding a personalized touch, the custom toffee wrap makes this crate a unique and thoughtful gift."

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