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Gift Carnation

Brew-tiful Moments Hamper

Brew-tiful Moments Hamper

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Brew-tiful Moments Hamper
Regular price ₹3,750
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Indulge in our luxurious Coffee Lover's Hamper, featuring premium gourmet beans and elegant accessories like a stylish mug and artisanal coasters. Personalized photocards add a heartfelt touch, while delicate floral decorations enhance the sensory experience. Perfect for any occasion, it promises to elevate your coffee ritual with sophistication and delight.

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Hamper Contents:

1. Reusable Gift carnation Signature Box: This sets the stage with a high-quality, reusable box that not only holds the gift items but also adds a touch of sophistication and sustainability.
2. Davidoff Coffee: Known for its rich aroma and premium quality, Davidoff Coffee elevates the gift with its gourmet appeal, perfect for coffee enthusiasts.
3. Coffee Mug: A stylish and durable coffee mug complements the coffee, providing a vessel for enjoying the aromatic brew.
4. Pair of Coffee Coasters: Practical and aesthetic, the coffee coasters not only protect surfaces but also add a thematic element to the coffee experience.
5. Personalized Messages/Photocards: Including personalized messages or photocards adds a sentimental touch, conveying your thoughts and feelings uniquely.
6. Floral Decoration: Delicate floral decorations enhance the presentation, adding a natural and visually appealing element to the gift box.

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