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Coffee Bean Bonanza Hamper

Coffee Bean Bonanza Hamper

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Coffee Bean Bonanza Hamper
Regular price ₹2,479
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Delight in the rich aromas and robust flavors of our Coffee Bean Bonanza Hamper, a specially curated collection for coffee enthusiasts. This hamper is a celebration of the diverse world of coffee, featuring a selection of brews and blends that cater to every coffee lover's palate. From smooth vanilla to bold hazelnut, and from instant to artisanal, this collection is a journey through the best of coffee culture.

Product Info

"Cohoma French Vanilla Coffee Brewcup (31g): A flavorful coffee with the creamy essence of French Vanilla, perfect for a sweet, aromatic start to your day.

Cohoma Original Coffee Brewcup (31g): Experience the classic, full-bodied taste of original coffee, rich in flavor and aroma.

Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Hazelnut (3-set pack): A smooth and nutty cold brew coffee, offering a refreshing twist to your coffee routine.

Colombian Brew Assorted Instant Coffee (80g): Explore different coffee flavors with this assorted collection of instant coffee, ideal for quick and delightful brews.

TGL Euphoria Coffee (100g): A premium coffee blend that promises a euphoric experience with every sip, perfect for discerning coffee lovers.

Leo Ultimate 100% Instant Coffee Jar (60g): A rich and intense instant coffee, crafted for those who appreciate a quick yet flavorful coffee experience.

Small Blush Gift Box (10x10x5in): Each coffee selection is thoughtfully placed in a small blush gift box, offering an elegant and compact presentation.

Charlotte Pearl Bow: The hamper is beautifully tied together with a Charlotte pearl bow, adding a touch of sophistication and making it a perfect gift for any occasion."

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