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Cocoa Luxe Treasure Trove

Cocoa Luxe Treasure Trove

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Cocoa Luxe Treasure Trove
Regular price ₹8,399
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Indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience with our Cocoa Luxe Treasure Trove, a lavish collection of gourmet chocolates from renowned chocolatiers. This treasure trove is a chocolate lover's dream, offering a luxurious assortment of rich and creamy, dark and intense, nutty and crunchy chocolate delights. It's the perfect gift for connoisseurs and anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Product Info

"Heidi Grandor Dark Coffee 55% (80g): A sophisticated blend of dark chocolate and aromatic coffee, perfect for espresso lovers.

Lindt Les Grandes Hazelnuts Milk Chocolate (150g): Creamy milk chocolate loaded with whole hazelnuts, a classic favorite.

Lindt Excellence Dark 70% (100g): Intense and velvety dark chocolate for a rich cocoa experience.

TWT Dark Chocolate 55% Hazelnut (80g): A delightful combination of dark chocolate and hazelnuts, offering a crunchy and cocoa-rich taste.

Rocca Almond Pack of 12 (216g): Deliciously coated almonds, ideal for snacking or sharing.

LaFolie Granola Bar (60g): A wholesome bar combining granola with decadent chocolate, perfect for on-the-go indulgence.

BeanToChocolatier Almond Crunch (110g): A sugar-conscious option with a satisfying almond crunch, coated in luscious chocolate.

Le Organic Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt (75g): A unique blend of smooth chocolate with a hint of sea salt, balancing sweet and savory flavors.

Heidi Grandor Hazelnuts Milk Chocolate (100g): Another milk chocolate variant enriched with hazelnuts for a nutty and creamy taste.

Lindt Excellence Vanilla White (100g): A sublime white chocolate infused with vanilla, offering a delicate and sweet flavor.

Leather Briefcase (Small): All these premium chocolates are elegantly packed in a small leather briefcase, adding a touch of luxury and class.

Butlers Chocolate Collection Tin (350g): A curated selection of fine chocolates from Butlers, offering diverse flavors and textures."

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