Valentine's Week 2023: Full 7-Day List With Gift Items

Valentine's Week 2023: Full 7-Day List With Gift Items

The birds are chirping, the sun is out, and everything just feels nice and warm..can you feel it? Love is in the air! Valentine’s Week is just around the corner…

Ready to shower your special someone with all the admiration they deserve? We’ve put together a list of great Valentine’s week gifts you can order with just a click, simply check out our Valentine’s week list below:

Valentine’s is a timeless tradition to celebrate the very notion of love. As such, gifting has been a part of the occasion for as long as it has existed, with fresh flowers, hearts shaped goodies, and teddy bears being common go-to choices. Our Valentine’s week list helps you find all the gifts to make this year’s celebration the best ever!


  1. Rose Day (7th Feb):Roses - valentine day gift for himWith pretty fresh roses and a heart shaped frame, our Hold on Tight bouquet is a great bouquet to give to your special someone. After all, nothing says romance like roses. Start off your Valentine week with this red floral delight.
  2. Propose Day (8th Feb):Now, you may not quite be ready to bend the knee, but gifting your Valentine a ring is a great way to show your commitment to her, we recommend this stunning silver ring, that’s bound to bring her a whole lot of glee!
  3. Chocolate Day (9th Feb):Belgium Dark Chocolate gift hamperDay #3 of Valentine’s week is all about keeping things nice, sweet, and chocolaty. Our advice? Grab this decadent and delicious hazelnut and dark chocolate cake from Smoor. If you want to explore something more extravagant, you can consider creating your custom chocolate hamper too! Here’s how to get started.
  4. Teddy Day (10th Feb):Soft, cuddly, and cute, teddy bears have been the go-to Valentine plushies for a reason. We may not have a soft toy to suggest, but how about this floral teddy that smells refreshing and is just as adorable to look at. A care bear for the person you care the most for, it just makes sense!
  5. Promise Day (11th Feb):This day is all about proving to your Valentine you’ll always be there for them and promising affection that is everlasting. Why not pledge your commitment to them over a cozy romantic dinner for two? You can even decorate your place with some beautiful party balloons.
  6. Hug Day (12th Feb):First things first, don’t forget to shower your beloved with warm and fuzzy hugs all day. If, for some reason you are not able to be there in person? Our Hug in a Box gift set can help to ease the pain a little. It’s a virtual hug for your Valentine!
  7. Kiss Day (13th Feb):A kiss can be intimate or kind, it’s a gesture to admire and adore. With Valentine’s Day being just a day away, now is the time to take things to the next level. We’re talking hampers! Such as our candy hamper, that just so happens to contain cookies & cream flavoured Kisses chocolates from Hershey’s!
  8. Valentine’s Day(14th Feb):chocolate gift hamper, dry fruit hampersThe big day is here! Ready to end your Valentine’s week with a gift that is truly unforgettable?

With aromatic Davidoff coffee, Tiramisu flavoured Quadratini, and Lindt chocolates bittersweet, The Binge Hamper has everything your Valentine needs! It’s grand, graceful, and larger than life, just like the love you two share.

Additionally, if you wish to surprise your Valentine with a side-gift that feels personal and cute? This luxury bathing gift box has shower essentials from Kimirica, and a little Valentine’s note you can write on too! The best part, it smells just as amazing as it looks.

There you have it, a list of great gift ideas and surprises that will help you turn this Valentine’s week into a fun-filled celebration that is glamorous, joyous, and truly spectacular! Wishing you and your loved one a Happy Valentine’s Week!

FAQs -

1. How to make Valentine Week special?

Surprise your Valentine’s with gestures and gifts that feel special and personal, to help you out, we have curated a list of Valentine week gift that can help you find something ideal for all days of Valentine’s week!

2. What should I gift someone special?

Special people deserve special Valentine’s week gifts. We recommend picking a hamper from our website and pairing it with items such as cakes, balloons, and more, for a gift that feels truly larger than life.

3. What to gift your girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

There are many great Valentine Week gifts online for you to consider, you can opt for jewellery, accessories, or curated hampers such as the ones we offer.

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