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          Belgian Chocolate Comfort Cake

          ₹ 1,999

          Chocolate Raspberry Cake

          ₹ 2,399

          Classic Strawberry Frasier

          ₹ 2,750

          Crunchy Almond Praline Chocolate Cake

          ₹ 2,400

          Dark Chocolate Truffle Fondant Cake

          ₹ 2,500

          Dutch Truffle Gateaux

          ₹ 1,499

          German Black Forest

          ₹ 1,499

          Intense Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel

          ₹ 2,350

          Lemon Tart

          ₹ 2,000

          Marble Chocolate Tea Cake

          ₹ 1,500

          Mocha Samba

          ₹ 1,499

          Nutella Cheesecake

          ₹ 3,199

          Opera Gateaux

          ₹ 1,499

          Peach Cardin Gateaux

          ₹ 1,999

          Rocher Praline

          ₹ 2,600

          Tiramisu A La Kahlua

          ₹ 1,499

          Ultra Lite Japanese Cheese Cake

          ₹ 1,499

          Vanilla Butterscotch Cake

          ₹ 2,099

          White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

          ₹ 3,199

          Chocolate Avocado & Berry Dutch Truffle

          ₹ 3,100

          Premium Cakes - Cakes for Every Occasion

          Cake, without a doubt, is one of the most loved treats in the whole world. Kids begin brimming with joy at the sight of it, youngsters can’t resist getting a bite of it, and adults feel complete and fulfilled.

          It is true that no one can escape from the temptation of a delicious, delectable and well-designed cake. They are at the centre of every birthday celebrations, wonderful occasions and a time of happiness and jubilation.The Gift Studio understands the emotions of what cake means to you. The tempting and delightful cakes at our place are made to elevate your experience of every celebration. Start to order cakes online, and we promise to deliver them to you in a quick time.

          While everyone loves to indulge in a sweet, flavoured and soft cake, there are only a few who have any idea of its origin. It is exciting and interesting to note that cakes have been part of different civilizations from time immemorial. Some aficionados speculate the existence of this universally-favourite dessert in ancient Egypt. As they were the ones who were known for their baking skills. But of course, cakes were different then, with a more bread-like appearance and feel to it. And honey was the major sweetener. 

          Followed by Greeks and Romans, cakes flourished and came to its own in Europe during the 17th century with new technological innovations. Overtime, cakes have indeed become everyone’s favourite. And today, there are no occasions that are not graced by a lovely, dazzling and mouth-watering cake treat. What an incredible history of cakes, isn’t it? But it is true to say that cakes have come a long way. Now, “one can have their cake and eat it too” because you can order cakes online at The Gift Studio.

          Birthday Celebration 

          Talk about cakes and birthday celebrations can’t be far away. It is amazing to note that ordering birthday cakes online is synonymous with birthday. It is like, if there’s a birthday, there has to be a cake. Your friends, colleagues, relatives, what do they ask you on your birthday - Where is the party and where is the cake? Someone once said a party without cake is really just a meeting. And it is so true. You can make the day memorable for yourself and your friends with a lip-smacking cake from The Gift Studio.Order cakes online today!

          Also, it is truly a joy for every kid to celebrate his or her birthday with a cake. The traditional blowing out of candles, cake-cutting, balloon decoration is like a fantasy or a dream for every child on the birthday. You can show your love and affection to the child by ordering cakes online.

          There are some fantastic, drool-worthy birthday cakes online available at The Gift Studio which can take your celebrations a notch-up. It includes all your favourite flavours like Belgian Chocolate, Dutch Truffle, Raspberry, Strawberry, Almond and much more. Amidst the busy schedules and busier lives, never forget to celebrate with birthday cakes online. All you need to do is to visit The Gift Studio website and place your order.

          Cake for Every Celebration 

          Cakes are no more limited to birthdays alone. It is now an integral part of every occasion which you want to make bigger and grander. A cake is the perfect means to show your unmatched affection and love to your loved ones. It is a surprising gift that can lift every moment and make it more joyful. 

          There is a cake for every occasion now. A heart-shaped cake for a wedding anniversary or valentine's day, chocolate cake for best friends, cheesecake for your relatives and so on. Next time when you order cakes online, think about different cakes and make your decision. Leave alone  birthday cakes online for the specific day and choose something new from the many options available. 

          The absolutely wonderful flavour of cakes prepared at The Gift Studio lingers on and makes your taste-buds happy. Order today!

          Sweet Tooth

          Why should cakes be limited to celebrations and special occasions, when you can have your favourite dessert anytime and anywhere. People with a sweet tooth are always eager to nibble on something sweet and tasty. What’s better than a freshly baked cake which can make you feel better, sweeter and always happier. With the ‘order cakes online’ option, you can put your cravings to rest and delight your taste-buds with something delicious. 

          You can present the cake to someone you know who has a sweet tooth. It will delight them to no end. The majestic range of cakes at The Gift Studio will make you drool. Order cakes online now!

          Chocolate Lovers

          Chocolate is a singular weakness for many. It is irresistible, tempting and mind-blowing, to say the least. A chocolate cake is even better. Imagine the soft and fluffy chocolate cakes being sliced, and the chocolate drippings and cookies almost feeling like a treasure. Drooling already? Cakes are the best way to satisfy your love for chocolates. Whether you like dark chocolate, chocolate with vanilla or chocolate with caramel or for that case Belgian chocolate, we have got it covered at The Gift Studio. 

          Get together

          With family members and loved ones scattered around the world today, the get-together is the time when everyone interacts, reminiscing old memories and enjoying the moment. The nostalgia overtakes sometimes, and happiness fills the atmosphere. In such a mood, a piece of a splendid cake can add an extra dimension of taste and delight to the event. 

          There are a wide range of cakes, from luxurious to affordable, made just for you at The Gift Studio. Ordering cakes online is now easy.  Visit www.thegiftstudio.com and place your order.

          Buy Cakes Online

          Gone are the days when you had to search for the best cake store in town, get the cake box and travel back home. Ordering cakes online  is the latest trend, and it is so easy and hassle-free to get cakes delivered to your home. Also, it is the best option in the busy life we live in today. What about the days when you have that urgent office meeting that is delayed, and it is your daughters birthday. How can you celebrate your parent’s birthday who live at some other place.? This is where you can order cakes online,  and you can send them to everyone you love. 

          1. How can I order birthday cakes online from your site?

          It is simple to order birthday cakes onlinestrong> from our website. Visit www.thegiftstudio.com and click on your favourite cake. Place the order, and we will deliver it in a quick time. 

          2. If I order cakes online, how long will it take you to deliver in Mumbai?

          As soon as you order a cake onlinestrong>, our connoisseurs will start working their magic. The delicious treat will be delivered within 36 hours. 

          3. Does your cakes stay fresh the whole day?

          The cake wizards at our place always bake fresh cakes for the customers like you. For more details, you can contact us at any time. 

          4. I want to order a cake online for my friend’s birthday? Which one should I choose?

          At The Gift Studio, you can find a wide range of cakes from chocolate, cheese, strawberry to raspberry, dutch truffle and much more. Every cake made here is for your delight. 

          5. Do you have other birthday items other cakes?

          Yes. You can find the best collection of flowers, balloons for decoration, cakes, gift hampers and much more. Visit our website www.thegiftstudio.com  to know more details.