5 Adorable First Birthday Gift Ideas

5 Adorable First Birthday Gift Ideas

Here is your answer to ‘What to gift on a baby's first birthday?’:

1. Baby Care Kit

A baby care kit, comprising all the essentials like a baby safe soap, shampoo and oil, feeding bottles, diapers, hair brushes and more can make for a practical and thoughtful first birthday gift. You may also add other items such as wipes, towels, or blankets. With a baby care kit as a gift, you’re not only giving a meaningful present but also helping new parents to be well-prepared for their baby’s needs.

Baby care kit

2. Apparel Set

When the baby is growing, one thing that’s always good to have more and more of is sets of clothes. Practical and necessary in nature, clothes are an excellent idea for a first birthday gift. Since babies often experience spills and toilet accidents, having many sets of clothes at hand can prove to be incredibly helpful for parents.

Apparel set for baby

3. Stuffed Toys

Now what can be a better gift than cute, fluffy toys for a baby’s first birthday? Babies love snuggling soft stuffed toys and feel comfort and safety keeping them close by. Along with providing comfort, stuffed toys can also help with babies’ sensory stimulation, imagination and emotional development. Thus, they are a perfect first birthday gift!

Stuffed toys

4. Early Development and Activity Toys

Another great first birthday gift idea is an activity or developmental toys set. Such toys are truly useful in encouraging a baby’s cognitive, sensory, and physical development, as well as their language skills. With all these benefits comes the added advantage of keeping them engaged and entertained!

Early development and activity toys

5. Colour Book and Colours

Colour books and colours make for an amazing birthday gift for a baby. It’s a fun and engaging way for them to learn and create while developing their hand-eye coordination. Colouring can be a calming activity for babies, helping them relax and inculcate patience. 

To add more fun and personalisation to this gift, you can add balloons or take a cake along with your gift!

Colour book and colours

So there you have it - a baby’s first birthday gift ideas that are sweet, fun and functional! While choosing a gift for an year old baby, it’s always good to keep not just the babies in mind but also the parents, especially the new ones navigating the challenges of baby care. You may also choose to gift the parents something for their own use, like a personalised hamper or gift set to make the occasion even more memorable!

Happy gifting to you!

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