Valentine's Day 2023 Online Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentine's Day 2023 Online Gift Ideas for Him & Her

With the beginning of the new year comes a time for new resolutions, old traditions, and memorable celebrations, and no celebration of the year has a bigger romantic vibe to it than Valentine’s Day! With the occasion being merely weeks away, now is the perfect time to shortlist some Valentine gift ideas and get your gift prep going! Wondering what to give on Valentine’s Day? We’ve put together a list of cute and thoughtfully curated hampers for you to explore for all your Valentine’s Day gifting needs.

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Him

Be it your husband, boyfriend or fiance, finding the perfect Valentine’s gift idea for him is easy once you know his likes and dislikes. Here are a couple of hampers to consider:

  • Breakfast Assortments

From pancakes to gluten free granolas this hamper has it all, making it the perfect Valentine’s gift idea for your fitness obsessed macho man. Be it breakfast in bed or a pre-workout snack, this hamper packs delicious and healthy items for all purposes.

  • Chocolate Treats

Searching for a Valentine’s gift idea for husbands is easy when you have this indulgent chocolate hamper with exquisite gourmet bars from brands such as Butler’s, Heidi and Didier & Frank. Plus, you can always sneak a piece for yourself, that’s a win-win!

  • Coffee Grinds

Everyone loves a good cuppa joe in the mornings, be it before office or a weekend outing. We’ve created the perfect Valentine’s Day gifting hamper for the modern coffee-loving couple, featuring brews that pack intense aromas and irresistible flavours. Who says Valentine’s gift ideas can’t be perfect?

  • Assorted Teas

If your Valentine doesn't fancy coffee, you can always opt for some aromatic teas. Created for those endless ‘chai time’ conversations, this hamper is a Valentine’s gift idea that leaves a long lasting impression. From green and matcha flavoured to spiced and zesty, there’s tea bags for all tastes and times of day.

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Her

The perfect woman deserves the perfect gift and nothing less. Our Valentine’s gift idea for her will help you do just that!

1. Beauty and Wellness Gifts

Featuring a selection of extravagant oils and aromas, this Valentine’s gift idea is the perfect pick for the girlfriend or wife who desires some much-needed rejuvenation. These oils aid in everyday betterment and can help to improve sleep and create a sense of calm.

2. Bathing Gels

Luxury Bath and Body Care Gifts

The perfect self-care selection, this hamper features aromatic bathing goodies such as a body lotion, a body wash, and two bathing bars, scented with the floral notes of with White Gardenia and Jasmine. There’s even a Valentine’s greeting card to help you add a personal touch to it.

3. Desk Decor

Here’s the perfect Valentine’s gift idea for wives living the corporate life. This cute little hamper that includes quirky desk decor and wooden knick knacks that add some warmth and comfort to any desk setup. There’s a card holder, a tea light holder, a unique calendar and a trail mix jar for the occasional snacking session.

4. Silver Chain

When nothing else will do, there’s always jewellery! This beautiful silver chain is easy on wallets, and high on elegance. After all, no Valentine’s Day gifting session is complete without a dash of bling. If you desire other accessories such as rings and earrings, you can always explore our quintessential collection of Giva products.

Picking the perfect Valentine’s gift is all about matching your partner’s preferences. From delicious snackables to exquisite jewellery, the choices are endless. Pick the Valentine’s gift idea that works best for you and surprise your beloved partner with a gift that is truly spectacular.

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