Top 7 Gift-Worthy Gourmet Hampers For Foodies to Binge On

Top 7 Gift-Worthy Gourmet Hampers For Foodies to Binge On

The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote in his play Man and Superman, “There is no sincere love than the love for food”, we at The Gift Studio certainly agree. When it comes to food lovers, happiness is a feeling that lingers in every bite. Searching for the perfect food gift ideas for such a foodie friend or relative? We’ve put together a wide-range of delectable hampers that feature it all, from delicious chips and creamy butters to exquisite chocolates nutty mixes. Read on to find the perfect food hamper for every occasion and taste.

  1. The Bold & Binge-Worthy Pick

    Let’s start things off splendidly with a food hamper you simply can’t go wrong with, The Binge Hamper. From the casual foodie to the picky-eater, this gourmet hamper will be loved by all. It’s packing snacky treats such as Loacker’s Quadratini tiramisu wafers, Walkers shortbread biscuits, a bottle of delicious Davidoff instant coffee and even Butlers mixed berry dark chocolate bar. To add a cherry on top, all these delicious luxury finds are packed together in a beautiful scarlet red leather gift box that makes it an easy pick when in search of a birthday or anniversary gift.
  2. A Sweet & Chocolaty Choice
    Premium chocolate gift hamper basketNowadays, there’s no shortage of premium dark and milk chocolates in the market, but ask anyone what brand they consider as the holy grail of dark chocolates, and 9/10 people will answer “Lindt”. This finely-crafted chocolate hamper contains delicious treats such as a divine chocolate spread, milk balls, the popular 70% cocoa intense dark bar, and the finest ever Swiss gold bar. Aptly named The Lindt Trunk, it's the perfect gourmet hamper for those with a sweet-tooth.
  3. A Delightful Dry-Fruit Hamper
    Believe it or not, health-conscious foodies do exist, and creating a gourmet gift hamper for them is by no means an easy task, but we at The Gift Studio love a challenge! So here’s a hamper we created to satisfy those who love a nut-tastic binge, featuring a host of assorted dry-fruits from the brand Healthy Alternatives; including hazelnuts, walnuts, pine-nuts, walnut kernels, turkey apricots and organic almonds too. Did we mention enough delicious nuts? Great, so keep things natural and sugar-free by going with this hamper!
  4. A Feast for Food-Lovers
    For those who live for food, this right here is the holy-grail of food hampers. What makes it the perfect gourmet food gift? For starters It’s stacked to the brim with sweet and savoury finds such as Home Delite ragi chaklis, almond peanut butter from The Butternut Co.Healthy Alternatives roasted pumpkin seeds and tulsi honey, and even some Rostaa trail mix. Next, we add in confectioneries such as Davidoff instant coffee, Hill Cart orange tea bags and Heidi dark intense 75% cocoa chocolate. At the end of it all, what you get is a gift box that just keeps on giving, and thanks to a fancy-looking leather trunk, it looks stunning while doing so.
  5. The Famous Coffee Hamper
    Best Tea and Coffee Gift Hamper
    Not to be confused with the other coffee hamper, but just as drool-worthy, our caffeine crazy box will have your coffee connoisseur friends chugging and brewing day long. What makes it a great gourmet gift hamper is the sheer variety of coffees inside, we’re talking Sleepy Owl’s hot brew dark roast, Colombian Brew instant coffee, the beloved Davidoff Cafe 57 espresso and Lavazza Crema E Gusto coffee for those who prefer a creamier beverage. Dare we say, caffeine never looked this good.
  6. An Exquisite Choice
    For those who fancy something a little..fancy. This gourmet hamper was curated with care to appeal to all six senses. For the savoury finds, we include Croco Brezel salted crackers and Healthy Alternatives roasted chatpata makhana pops. For the sweeter indulgences, there’s Loacker Quadratini Vanile wafers, 14 sachets of Hillcart Celestial chamomile tea and a bar of Heidi dark intense 75% cocoa chocolate. It’s an assortment of exquisite foodie goodies that’s bound to turn some heads.
  7. The Simple Snack-Worthy Find
    Premium Chocolate Gift Hamper Box
    Finally, we come to the snacking selections. Meet The Perfect Snack Box, a food gift basket made for the foodies who love some casual munching. Our match and movie-time munchies include L Exclusif’s dark chocochip cookies and Fine Cheese Chilli Evoo crackers. While items such as Barilla fusilli pasta, Olicoop pitted green olives and Granaducas white pasta sauce provide some great choices for lunch-time cooking. It’s a well-rounded choice that’s worth considering.

That’s all folks! We hope our curated selection of gift hampers helps you find the perfect gourmet food gift for your foodie friend or family member, visit our website to explore more food gift ideas or discover our wide-range of customizable hampers!

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