Top 10 Best Corporate Diwali Gifting Ideas for 2023

Top 10 Best Corporate Diwali Gifting Ideas for 2023

The festival of lights is nearly here!

Alongside all the happy and celebratory moments, Diwali also brings along the stress of gift hunting, this feeling only worsens when it comes to corporate gifting.

Different people have different tastes, likes, and brand preferences. The right gift is one that strikes the right balance between elegance and fun: Not too goofy (phone covers), not too dry (books).

With The Gift Studio, you can bid farewell to gift-picking stress and purchase something unique for every client to cherish! Keep scrolling to discover our top 10 corporate Diwali gifting ideas, that can help you build strong work relationships and show your employees just how much you appreciate them.

10 Best Corporate Diwali Gifting Ideas:

  • Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

    A mug and tumbler combo makes for an extremely useful and versatile package. Almost anyone would be happy to receive a mug, at best it’s a daily go-to for teas, at its worst, it works well as a stationery holder. Tumblers on the other hand, are perfect for everyday commute, and can be used in plenty of ways: for hot drinks, cold drinks, and even soup!

    Most 9-to-5’ers would be happy to receive a customised or company mug as a gift, which is why it is one of the best corporate gifts for clients.

  • Planners & Notepads

    Sometimes, it’s the simple things that end up being most useful. Even in today’s digital world, old school planners and notepads are well appreciated. Crucial for tracking meetings and ad-hoc tasks, a planner is one of the most necessary items in a corporate environment. If you’re looking to gift something that they will often use and appreciate, planners are the perfect choice of corporate Diwali gifts for clients.

  • Office Kits

    An office kit can contain anything you deem important for your employees to have, the bare necessities, so to speak. The most basic items include a planner, pen, card holder, and a keychain.

    Office kits are one of the best Diwali gifts for employees as they provide them with all the accessories they would require on a day to day basis, newcomers love them. As an additional bonus, they also present a picture of professionalism to your clients.

  • Table-top Accessories

    Wish to buy something aesthetic that would also be utilised on a daily basis? Table-top accessories are the corporate Diwali gifting item you should pick. It can be anything ranging from pen holders to clocks to calendars. These can add a dash of aesthetic to any office desk. It’s functionality at its very best.

  • Kitchen Appliances

    Kitchen Appliance

    If you’re looking for something efficient and smart that isn’t strictly limited to work-life, gifting kitchen appliances is a great idea. Appliances like toasters, grillers, food processors are Diwali premium gifts that your employees and colleagues will undoubtedly cherish! From individuals to families, this is a gift that pleases all.

    Furthermore, gifting appliances also shows that you care about a person on a personal level, and not just in a corporate context.

  • Smart Watches

    If your vibe is more classy and sophisticated, gifting a smart watch to your clients is the perfect way to strengthen your professional relationship with them.

    A Smart watch is a meaningful gift that can add a lot of value to any individual’s life and offers great value for money, be it as a fitness tracker or simply an accessory.

  • Streaming Devices

    Amazon Firestick

    Deviating from the norm and gifting something more tech-savvy and unconventional like a music player or VoD streamer is always a great option. Our pick would be the Amazon Firestick, as it offers a great bang for your buck.

    If you’re looking for unique gifts for Diwali to give to your clients, smart home devices should definitely make it to your list!

  • Fine Wines

    Wine Hamper

    You can never go wrong with a good bottle of wine! It’s tasteful, modern, and relished by all.

    With wines, there’s no pressure on the individual to open the gift and use it now. The beverage only improves with age, allowing your clients to relish the gift at a time they find appropriate. You can choose from red and white wines of all ranges to fit your budget and needs.

  • Gourmet Chocolates

    A good set of exquisite chocolates is one of the most popular Diwali gift ideas for clients. It is the safest and most loved gift choice. If your client is someone who enjoys sweets and chocolates, gifting a gourmet chocolate hamper would make them feel appreciated and understood. Plus, it's a gift that works well for individuals and families alike.

  • Coffee Brews

    For someone who loves coffee, there’s no better feeling than being gifted a good, strong set of coffee brews. Ask them and they’ll tell you plain and simple that it’s not a habit, it’s a necessity.

    A good coffee hamper will never go unappreciated! Especially when it packs a variety of brews from brands such as Lavazza and Davidoff.

    Thoughtful gifts go a long way in improving work relationships, workplace productivity, as well as garnering appreciation and goodwill from employees, clients, and colleagues. We hope our Diwali gift ideas helped you narrow down your options.

    Looking for something cherishable and valuable? The Gift Studio provides the perfect corporate Diwali gifting range!

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