How to Choose the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

It goes without saying that a pregnancy is a very special time for any woman. As she enters motherhood for the first time, she is bound to be flooded with feelings of happiness and excitement. Bringing a new baby into this world is a life-altering moment for any woman, be it your best friend, sister, or even a coworker for that matter. There’s no better way to be a part of this turning point in her life, than to throw her the ultimate baby shower.

Finding the right baby shower gift ideas is basically the most important thing you need to consider when attending a baby shower. After all, baby showers are all about celebrating motherhood with fun games, good friends, and newborn baby gifts. When invited to a baby shower or even while planning one, your search history doesn’t have to be all about "gift ideas for newborn." Even the mom-to-be deserves some pampering, care, and love. Before you start listing down an endless list of the perfect baby shower gift ideas, you must consider a few key points.

  1. The Mom-To-Be Deserves a Gift Too

Diwali gifts hamper for employees

New moms deserve just as much pampering as newborn babies. This rings true even before the due date. So consider gifting your shower star a gift hamper of items she might love: essential oils, exotic chocolates, organic treats. If you wish to purchase more than one baby shower present, you could perhaps buy something that isn't included on the list, while also picking a purchase that is on it. You can always buy something useful and cute, such as these Our Little Pumpkin themed bamboo muslin swaddles from Masilo.

  1. You Can Give the Gift a Personalised Touch

The perfect baby shower gift idea is one that feels well-thought and genuine, such a gift is always appreciated. You can also consider a hand-knit scarf, a personalised diaper bag, or dolls, as well as baby clothes that are gender- or name-specific. If these things seem a little impersonal to you, you can always rely on us at The Gift Studio to help you build your own newborn gift hamper. Create a selection of items and goodies you know the mother will like, and add a beautiful bow and a personalised note to the present to make it even more special.

  1. Considering Your Budget is Crucial

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When it comes to listing the best baby shower gift ideas, it becomes extremely important to set a budget that can accommodate you. You must also remember to take into account your relationship with the new mom-to-be while deciding the ideal gift price. Looking for an affordable gift idea for a newborn, consider this bib & swaddle set by Masilo, but when it comes to buying something as expensive as a stroller, it is always a good option to purchase it as a group gift.

  1. Gender-Neutral Gifts are a Must

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We Indians don’t know the genders of our unborn babies, so it’s always perfect to purchase newborn baby gifts that are gender-neutral. Consider this: if your sister is expecting a baby boy, she is unlikely to appreciate a present that focuses exclusively on Barbie and doll houses to embellish the baby's room. A newborn gift hamper such as this Masilo mini cot set would be perfect.

  1. Getting Creative is Great

If you’re close to the mother-to-be, make a coupon book for the new parents that will reward them with some much-needed time off. You can fill the book with coupons like ‘Special evening for mom and dad’, ‘Slumber party at (your name)’s home’, and ‘Weekend getaway with grandparents’. Young parents will never feel as if they are overstepping by asking you to babysit if they receive this artistic book. Planning to spend time with the newborn baby and providing a break for both mom and dad will be far more precious than almost any material object!

Baby showers are the most memorable events for any expecting mother. Make it even more special by purchasing a new born gift hamper or by curating your own bundle of joy with The Gift Studio. Visit us at to explore more baby shower gift ideas!
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