Around the World in 7 Delicious Ways

Around the World in 7 Delicious Ways

The most common activity on most people’s to-do lists is to travel the world, visit some iconic country and learn more about its history, culture, and cuisine. Now, what if we told you that you can experience the culture of your dream destination from the comfort of your home? 

We present to you, an ultimate collection of luxury food assortments representing the most exotic cities around the globe. Experience the most flavorful products from iconic countries from Europe, Asia & India, or gift them to someone special and share this unique experience together. Unleash the flavours of the world with our attractive gourmet hampers.

Pack your bags as we take you on this flavorful journey!

For the Love of Asia

Harbouring the uniqueness of different cultures of Asia,our two unique food hampers give you the chance to explore the iconic continent from the comfort of your home.

Some of the spiciest and mouth-watering flavours of East Asia are carefully packed into these wonderful hampers. Exotic sauces such Sprig’s ginger teriyaki and Huy Fong sriracha hot chilli, that when served with fine rice noodles will take you on an unforgettable journey of aromas and flavours. Thai curry lovers are in for a treat with pre-mixes from Blue Elephant. Additionally, for those who love intensity, items such as wasabi and Shangi Japanese noodles offer a unique culinary experience. 

Check out our Embrace the Far East and the Ultimate Asian Snack Box gourmet hampers to delve into the scrumptiousness of Asia and create delicacies of your own.

Evoke the Italian Emotion

Christmas gift hampers ideas

The beauty and splendour of Italy is captured in these two extraordinary hampers, each decoding the warmth and charm of Italian cuisine.

Italy calls for undisputed and original pasta and flavoursome seasonings. Travel through the lovely country of Italy and have a fiesta (quite literally). Get yourself this hamper to access the amazing Italian culture, full of pastas from Barilla and the tangiest olives from Fragata, there’s also the timelessly classic Ragu Alfredo Pasta sauce. Hop on this Italian journey with us by choosing the hamper which best defines your Italian experience. Presenting, The Italian Dream and Italian Fiesta

Say Hola to Mexico

Our next exciting destination is Mexico, the homeland of music, culture, salsa, and everything zesty. Featuring brands such as Wingreens, Salsalito, and Fragata, it’s a feast you should definitely not miss out on. Nachos with a creamy jalapeno cheese dip and tortillas with the finest sauces characterise this vibrant food gift basket, while paprika and capers only add to the fun. Aptly named Hola Mexico.

Gift this hamper to that special someone who enjoys exploring new flavours, and give them the chance to indulge in the best and snackiest Mexican combinations.

Explore The Luxury World Food Trunk

Delighted Food Trunk gift hamper

Curated by none other than the glamorous and iconic girl-bestie of Bollywood, Mrs. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, this hamper is an elegant assortment of products from around the world. Items packed within this hamper include treats such as such Healthy Alternatives seed butter, Davidoff espresso coffee, Belgium chocolate hearts and Butler's white mix berry twist wraps. 

It is a medley of different cuisines from Italy, Asia, France, Belgium and Mexico, the best goodies representing the flavours of these iconic destinations have been hand-picked and put into one hamper. It’s a surprise fitting for those who wish to relish the experience of all things at once, it's The Luxury World Food Trunk.

What we have put together is an incredible ensemble of the world’s finest snacks, gourmet hampers and cuisines. Grab the themed hampers based on the places you are most excited to visit. Now you can share a luxurious experience with your loved ones without dealing with the hassle of searching for food hamper ideas, simply by gifting these unique and stylish hampers from The Gift Studio.

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