10 Best Bhai Dooj Gifts for 2022

10 Best Bhai Dooj Gifts for 2022

Having a sibling is like having your best friend and biggest nemesis in one person. You share a remarkable bond, one that is simply too complex to understand for anyone but the two of you. From arguing and fighting to confiding in each other, you have a special connection, one that deserves to be celebrated on every occasion!

To commemorate your bond, this Bhai Dooj, surprise your sibling with a memorable gift that personifies your love for each other. However, selecting such a gift comes with many challenges, as it is never easy to choose something they will relish to the fullest.

With The Gift Studio, the process of choosing the right Bhai Dooj gift becomes effortless!

We understand how siblings can be difficult to shop for, considering their varying interests and changing moods. But don’t worry, we’re here with a guide of exciting Bhai Ddooj gift ideas to win your sibling’s heart. Plus, the delicacies inside these hampers are perfect for you to relish as well.

List of Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Sister & Brother

Let’s have a look at them:

  • Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate Hamper

You can never go wrong with chocolate!

Being gifted chocolate goodies of any sort is a blissful experience. A chocolate hamper can easily be the best Bhai Ddooj gift for sisters or brothers of all ages, especially if they enjoy nibbling on chocolate treats such as hazelnut chocolate bars, almond brownies, nutty cookies, and other sweet goodies. Our hamper is bound to impress your sibling upon one glance, and satisfy them for weeks to come.

  • Fruits and Nuts Hamper

If your sibling indulges in items made of fruits and nuts, we have just the gift they require this festive season! This beautiful basket full of fruity and crunchy goodies is sure to bring a smile to their face.

It’s a celebration concoction of gourmet nuts, organic honey, pineapple and brown butter cookies, and rose mint tea, all promising a variety of memorable & exquisite flavours just waiting to be discovered.

  • Healthy Snacks

Health Snacks Hamper

Is your sibling leading a healthy and fit lifestyle (and claiming that it’s not just ‘a phase’)? We have the right Bhai Ddooj gift choice for them, one with calories so less, they won’t even bother counting.

This assortment of low-calorie cookies, dry fruits, floral honey, and a mix of organic seeds, this gift will fit right into your sibling’s healthy lifestyle; pun intended. Our Guilt Free Hamper gives them the chance to enjoy some guilt-free snacking, making it one of the best gifts for Bhai Dooj!

  • Ice Creams Hamper

Looking for a gift that deviates from the mainstream and boring gifting tradition? Make it Desi.

Transport your sibling back to the good old days of childhood games and summer fun with ice cream flavours like kulfi and fruit & nut. Combined with chocolate-covered almonds, juicy berries, and everyone’s favourite strawberry syrup, this ice cream hamper is the coolest throwback gift ever!

  • Lindt Chocolates

Lindt's Chocolate Hamper

If your sibling has an exquisite taste, this exquisite Bhai Dooj gift will not fail to impress. A premium collection of Lindt’s finest chocolates nestled within a cream leather trunk makes for the best Bhai Dooj gift for the brother or sister who loves a piece without compromise.

Striking the perfect balance between dark and milk chocolates, our hamper will indulge your sibling’s rich and premium taste. After all, it's 70% cocoa and a whole lot of love.

  • Abundance Hamper

This Bhai Ddooj, get ready to make a mark with a significant and iconic gift for your sibling. After all, the festive fun and an abundant spread of goodies go hand in hand, making this the ideal gift choice to have around during those rangoli sessions and card game nights.

With rich gourmet items like nougat bars, danish cookies hamper, pecan nuts, and even a delish hazelnut spread, our hamper combines abundance and iconic just right!

  • Oreo Flavoured Treats

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love some Oreo-flavoured snacks, be it chocolates, milkshakes, cheesecakes, or ice creams. So, celebrating this festive season, we decided to bring together two popular favourites for one epic gift! It’s time to indulge in some oreo ice cream!

PS: This hamper also contains brownie fudge, dark chocolate chip cookies, and the classic favourite: Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

  • Baklava

The right blend of unique, delicious, and elegant, this ethnic delight makes for the best gift for Bhai Dooj. Made of carefully rolled filo pastry, nuts, and honey, our assorted Baklava hamper is sure to satiate your sibling’s sweet tooth effortlessly. It’s a traditional delicacy at its finest. Need we say more?

  • Magnum Ice Creams

Ice Cream Hamper

There’s no such thing as too much chocolate! The heavenly compilation of all things chocolate is the ideal Bhai Dooj gift choice for your chocolate-loving sibling. From a range of premium Magnum ice creams to syrups, brownies, and cookies, this hamper is the personification of chocolate goodness. We even make use of temperature-controlled packaging, you and your sibling can enjoy these creamy delights right out of the box.

  • Artisan Snacks

A health-conscious sibling calls for a conscious indulgent gift! Show them you care about their lifestyle by giving them an amalgamation of gourmet and artisan snacks and exotic dry fruits that they’ll love. It’s a gift that’s healthy, and yet heartwarming.

With this, we come to the end of our guide to the best Bhai Dooj gifts online. We hope our gifting guide helps you enhance the significance of the day with a distinctive gift for your sibling. To explore more of our Diwali hampers, simply visit The Gift Studio.

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