Circle of Life Tour
Circle of Life Tour

    Circle of Life Tour

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    Do you love photography and would like to take pictures that made you go “wow” in all those magazines and websites while you were preparing for this trip to India? Do you want to create that one wonderful India album that would make people back home look at you in awe? Are you a newbie to the world of photography and want to learn some neat tricks? Have you just purchased a new camera and cannot make any headway with all those buttons and wheels? Do you know a fancy DSLR and are still shooting AUTO because that is the best you can and any other mode would hardly yield any pictures worth showing? Do you want to have the best vacation pictures which get the most number of likes on Facebook?

    If the answer to all these questions is a big resounding YES (OK we are kidding about the last one) then this is the tour for you.

    It is NOT a workshop. We are not telling you to attend a classroom. But this tour is a wonderful way to get the best out of your camera (in case you are not already. In case you take good pictures and do not need us to tell you how to shoot look for other tours on this website) while learning a little bit about the city and all this out in the open. In a beautiful cemetery that exudes old-world charm.

    So sign up right now to learn the basics and start taking awesome pictures!

    Special Instructions:
    Wear comfortable footwear. Do carry your camera manuals if you have them with you and the other equipment that you think you would want to try out – lens, filters, etc. But remember not to carry too much since you will need to carry it yourself.

    Recommended start times:
    Summers : 7:00 a.m. Winters: 7:30 a.m.
    This tour is available throughout the year.

    Duration of tour:
    Approximately 3 hours.

    Meeting point:
    Outside Bhawanipore Cemetery.

    Itinerary: We will be spending most of our time discussing basics of photography within the cemetery and may also be going around the small local market around the cemetery."


    Lead Time: 7 Days

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