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Fruits & Nuts

The Mighty Nut Lover

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The Mighty Nut Lover

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Dried Fruit Trays, Fresh Fruits & Nuts

Gift Hampers are probably one of the most indulgent presents you receive. Filled with jars and packets of chocolates, candies, and wines. But we understand that some people out there are too conscious of their health and what they’re putting in their bodies. On the other hand, wine is always not the first choice for many people, as boozy as it is. Some people just don’t like wine or drink alcohol in general. And it’d be quite rude to send them a basket full of things they can't have, lol (as funny as that might be).

Jokes aside, in either case, you certainly cannot enjoy the hamper if you’re too worried fussing over the contents, and the calories. And we also realize not everyone likes chocolates and candies (baffling as it is) and so the classic western style gift hampers consisting of chocolates and wines might not be the right gift for them. But just because someone doesn’t like the conventional, classic goodies doesn’t mean they should miss out on enjoying the delight a gift hamper brings.

Hence, we’ve come up with an even richer alternative for your classic western gift hampers, and that is of course Dried Fruit Trays and Fruit Gift Baskets. Dried fruits, fruits, and nuts have been a traditional gift in India. Do you remember those platter Dried Fruits Trays in the local shops that your parents would buy for a big event? Gifting Dried Fruit Trays and Fruit Gift Baskets is also one of India’s ancient customs. So, we’ve curated hampers that carry our country's customs with a western flare. Hence, we’ve incorporated the two ideas in one and come up with these curated Dried Fruit Trays and Fruit Gift Baskets to find the proper middle ground.

Why Dried Fruit Trays And Fruit Gift Baskets?

For people who are health conscious and/or on a diet, those common gift baskets might be a little redundant. Since they don’t want to or cannot eat chocolates or enjoy wine, it seemed fair to come up with something special just for them. For calories conscious people it can be tricky to determine what to consume and what not to. But calories are of two types, mainly, good calories and empty or bad calories.

And foods like dried fruits, fresh fruits, or nuts are a good source of the healthy calories your loved ones need. Also, let’s be honest here, Dried Fruit Trays are quite enjoyable to feast on as well. Their taste is so rich and nutty (literally) that it not only lifts your mood, fills up your tummy, and also feels good settling in your system; something that chocolate wouldn’t.

Dried Fruit Trays And Fruit Gift Baskets For Your Family

I think we all agree on the fact that our parents, frankly speaking, love their fruits and nuts way more than they enjoy a good piece of dark chocolate. Also, it doesn’t feel right to gift them big boxes of chocolates that are fairly full of bad calories, especially keeping their health in mind. So, it seems fitting to gift them something that they enjoy so much and that is also full of good calories. So, whether it is their anniversary, birthdays, a special occasion, or you just want them to know how much you appreciate them, these carefully curated Dried Fruit Trays and Fruit Gift Baskets are sure to bring a bright smile to their faces. And you can sit with them and enjoy a healthy calorie intake while talking about anything and everything.

On the other hand, Dried Fruit Trays and Fruit Gift Baskets are such an easy, safe yet extravagant gift for a wedding gift. All you have to do is choose the one you want and then listen to your family and relatives rave about your amazing gifting choice.

Our Dried Fruit Trays

These Dried Fruit Trays have been curated with a lot of thought and love. Every basket and tray consists of carefully picked Dried Fruit options, arranging them according to different flavors from the most premium quality brands out there. Here are a couple of choices you can indulge in,

The Guilt-Free Hamper For The Health Conscious

Gift your loved ones a chance of guilt-free, healthy, indulgence, This Dried Fruit Tray or hamper, whatever you want to call it, consists of different types of Dark Chocolates (for a healthier option), Sunflower, Chia, and Pumpkin seeds for those necessary healthy fats, and proteins, the Indian popcorn; salted Makhana, some Tortilla Chips for a little spice, American Almonds, Cashews, Honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar, topping the hamper off with some soothing Immunity Tea.

This Dried Fruit Tray hamper screams “I care about your health and your lifestyle” while also conveying your affection for them. A box full of healthy love for your health-conscious friends and family.

Our Nuts About Nuts Hamper

Our Dried Fruit Trays come in various sizes and options, and this one might be perfect for that one person you know who’s always talking about nuts, their health benefits, their taste. You know which one we’re talking about, right? We all have that one obsessive nuts fan. Hence, this hamper has been curated keeping all the nuts fanatic in mind. This hamper consists of the finest Turkey Apricots, Walnut Kernels, Pine Nut, Hazel Nut, Black Current, Brazilian Nuts, and Organic Almonds. A mouthful; this one (Literally).

The Mighty Celebration Trunk

This one, just as the name suggests is like the Amitabh Bachchan of our Dried Fruit Trays. Perfect gift for a big celebration, after all, what big celebration doesn’t need a big celebration hamper, right? This hamper comes in a leather box of red containing the finest Turkey Apricots, Pista Iranians, Unsweetened Almond Butter, Pistachios, A Milk Choco Truffle Bar, Aam Papad, Frank Coffee, Raisins, Hazelnuts, Almonds, and Dates. This curated hamper is the perfect blend of exotic and Indian delights put in one box. We have fused tradition with a little western twist to satiate all your tastebuds.

Our Fruit Gift Baskets

For people who don’t quite enjoy dry fruits, a Fresh Fruit Gift Basket might be the best bet. Here are a couple of option you can choose for your loved ones.

The Tropical Fruit Basket

Pick a fruit of your choice. Done? We can safely bet that that fruit is in this massive Fruit Gift Basket. From Apples to Pears, from Bananas to Kiwis, from Pomegranates to Tangerines, this Fruit Gift Basket has got it all. A ripe and crisp indulgence for your loved one. The fresh and crisp flavors of these fruits are surely going to lift their moods and fill up their bellies with all that healthy fibers they keep talking about.

The Strawberry And Guacamole Boxes

Some of the most exotic fruits sold in India and loved by all are Strawberries and the boozy Guacamole. Gift these Fruit Gift Baskets to that friend who loves their Guac dip a little too much or enjoys dipping their strawberries in chocolate a little bit too much. These Fruit Gift Boxes come in different sizes, mainly small and large, you can choose accordingly as you wish for optimal consumption.

The Pears And The Apple Gift Boxes

Not a fan of strawberries and Guacamole? No issues, you can also opt for these basic fruit options to play it super safe. The crispness of these pears and apples will surely awaken that low enthusiasm and refresh your mood with every bite.

These Fruit Gift Boxes are also available in different sizes to choose from.

The Vitamin C Hamper

Are oranges their favorite fruit amongst all? Then we’ve got you covered there as well. These Vitamin C hampers are your best bet also available in different sizes – small and large. Gift yourself and your loved ones a heavy dose of vitamin C this summer. We can bet with every sip of their orange juice, you’ll be in their thoughts.

1. What is the delivery time for these Dried Fruit Trays and Fruit Gift Baskets?

These hampers will be delivered within 24 hours from the time of delivery confirmation. Place an order before noon for the same-day delivery option.

2. Are these all from premium brands?

Yes, we believe in serving you the best and so all the brands included are of premium quality.

3. What is the return policy?

We ensure maximum safety and your orders undergoes a full damage check and inspection before it is dispatched for delivery. Bur, in case of a damaged parcel, please feel free to contact us on the provided phone number or email address within three hours of the delivery.

4. Are there any extra charges for same-day delivery?

Extra charges are subjected to the order and delivery location and also on the time of the order placed.

5. Is Cash On Delivery option available?

Right now, we have disabled the COD option keeping the current scenario in mind to ensure maximum safety for you and our studio Santa.