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              Hamper Type



                      Chocolates & Candy

                      The Chocoholic

                      ₹ 2,399

                      Charlie's Chocolate Box

                      ₹ 1,749

                      The Lindt Case

                      ₹ 6,699

                      Little Nibbles Hamper

                      ₹ 1,699

                      The Lindt Case

                      ₹ 5,449

                      The Endless Love Affair

                      ₹ 5,299

                      Endless Love Affair Box

                      ₹ 4,549

                      The MF Hussain Hamper

                      ₹ 4,499

                      The Ultimate Chocolate Tower

                      ₹ 649

                      The Epic Candy Crate

                      ₹ 3,699

                      The Sugar Rush Hamper

                      ₹ 2,399

                      The MF Hussain Hamper

                      ₹ 5,099

                      The Candy Crush Box

                      ₹ 1,999

                      The Epic Sugar Rush Box

                      ₹ 6,599

                      Sweet Dream Hamper

                      ₹ 3,499

                      The Chocoholic

                      ₹ 5,799

                      Little Nibbles

                      ₹ 2,149

                      The Chocoholic

                      ₹ 2,399

                      The Endless Love Affair

                      ₹ 5,299

                      The Epic Sugar Rush Box

                      ₹ 6,599

                      The MF Hussain Hamper

                      ₹ 5,099

                      Little Nibbles

                      ₹ 2,149

                      The Leaning Tower of KitKat

                      ₹ 1,199

                      The New Era Of Bouquet – Chocolate Gift Boxes & Hampers

                      You know how they say, when in depression; eat chocolate? What? That isn’t a saying? Well... you’re mistaken, young sir, because chocolates solve everything, okay! Having a bad day? Chocolate. Fought with your Boo? Chocolate. Wanna treat yourself with a little self-love? Chocolate. Want to make someone feel special? Chocolate. Got in trouble at home? Yeah... you’re on your own with that one. But, got a special occasion coming? Yep; say it with me, people; chocolate. Food in general is something that instantly makes us feel better. The euphoria of a good Belgian square melting on your tongue? The delight of unwrapping a good ‘old Ferrero Rocher?

                      But, you know what is even better than a chocolate bar? It’s a Chocolate Gift Hamper. Just imagine what a delight it would be if the chocolates came walking to your door rather than you having to visit the supermart. Or maybe you forgot an important occasion or anniversary (which is just blasphemous) and now you’re in mortal peril. How about chocolate gift boxes filled with goodies at the last moment to save your life (literally)? No matter what the occasion is; we have curated some of the best Chocolate Gift Hamper for you and your love. Premium quality, Boozy packaging, piquant flavors, all in one box.

                      So, before we enamor you with our sweet ( no pun intended) range of delights, let’s talk about the good things chocolates do to our body. *Raises Eyebrows* what are you waiting for? Let’s go.

                      Health Benefits Of Chocolates

                      • Nutritious– That word sounds wrong regarding chocolates! But ah, well... we can't help if it’s tasty as well as nutritious. Jokes aside, there are proven health benefits associated with premium dark chocolate. Did you know that cocoa, which is the main content of dark chocolate contains a decent amount of minerals and some soluble fibers? Yep, that’s right. Get your fibers in, you health freaks! Eat chocolate.
                      • Weightloss– Okay, before you start pelting accusations, let’s clarify, we’re talking about dark chocolate. It is proven that a healthy alternative for people who’re following diets but have somewhat of a sweet tooth problem, is dark chocolate. Though you need to keep in mind that everything is good in moderation. But also, something is better than salad.
                      • Lowers Heart Risk – Dark chocolate, again, is highly protective against oxidization of LDL (Cholesterol). Over a course of time with moderate consumption, not only does it satisfy your urges but also lowers the rate of cholesterol blocking the arteries which might lead to heart diseases.
                      • Improves Mood – If we have to explain to someone why chocolate improves your mood then they’re certified robots and need to be contained, lol.
                      • Improves brain functions – In a research study, it was proven that cocoa consumption especially in elderly people showed results of better cognitive activities and smoother verbal flow. There ya go!

                      Chocolate Gift Boxes For Your Boo?

                      Your love cannot be measured in coins, but certainly can be measured by the size of Chocolate Gift Hampers. Just kidding, are we? We understand that gifting can be a strenuous task. Searching hours and hours online of all the possible gifts that you should buy for your two-month anniversary, six months anniversary, monthly anniversary? ( We’re silently judging you for that last one).

                      But yeah, it can be nerve-wracking. So, why not gift them something that you know they’re going to enjoy immensely (and possibly share) on your special day. Everyone expects a box of flowers these days, that’s not unique anymore truthfully. But a Customized Chocolate Box? Oh my God, Boo, they’re never going to expect that. We can just imagine the happy smile on their faces.

                      Chocolate Gift boxes For Your Loved Ones?

                      Love is immense and unending, and sometimes even tooth-achingly sweet. But if there is one thing love is not, then that is limited. Why shy away from doing something for your loved ones in general. P.S - you don’t have to date them to love them. And you know what the best thing about this is? Your family, or friends, never expect you to do something like this for them. Their love is without all expectations.

                      Them opening the door and finding out that you were thoughtful enough to do something for them on their special occasion, birthdays, or even just out of the blue, will fill them with happiness and joy. It’ll put this stupid grin on their faces and those annoyingly sappy tears in their eyes. Your dads might tell you to not waste the money but secretly he will be happy (that’s how generally dads roll, right?) Our Chocolate Gift Boxes come in various curated hampers. You can even customize some of them to add their favorite flavor to it. One of those old chocolates? Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

                      Chocolate Gift Boxes For Your Annoying Sibling?

                      Siblings can be annoying in general. But it's nice to do something for them every once in a while. And what easier and better gift than a box full of delicious delights? It’ll make them happy and your sibling; less annoying. Jokes aside, that’s how siblings show their affection to one another; by annoying the bejesus out of each other. But no one loves you the way your sibling does, radical, frustrating, unique, and like a backbone always supporting you.

                      You can silently show them how much you appreciate them with a box full of sweet sweet love; containing some of their favorite delights. That’ll sweeten them long enough to let you breathe in peace without turning the toilet lights off while you’re in there.

                      Chocolate Gift Hamper For Yourself

                      Treat yourself. Show Yourself some love and affection every once in a while, too. Your body does so much for you all the time, continuously, every day, without a single break. You owe it to your body to treat it sometimes. And let’s not even talk about your mind, right? We live in a society that is so hectic, not a single person today has time to even catch a cold. We’re continuously moving, getting things done, working hard to achieve our goals.

                      Has it ever happened to you, that you’ve ordered some clothes online or some books online and you forgot about it and then you just receive the packet and you’re like, “Oh God, I completely forgot! This is so nice!”, and that just makes your whole day?

                      Our Chocolate Gift Boxes have bloomed that same feeling in people with their delights. On a serious note, honey, treat yourself. You have to sometimes physically show your brain that it is loved to feel loved. Why rely on other people to get the job done when we can do that on our own.

                      Chocolate Gift Boxes – The Best Curated Chocolate Hampers

                      We have got everyone covered. Whether you belong to team complete Chocoholics or someone who loves candies more, or even if you play for both teams. We have something for everyone. From brands like Oreos, Reeses, Belgian Dark Chocolates, Butlers, Syrups, Granola, Cake mixes. There are too many to count. These Chocolate Gift Hampers are curated keeping the best taste Palette in mind so you and your loved ones can have the best of both worlds.

                      Premium Quality Chocolate Gift Boxes

                      We curate the best of premium brands, combining them with the best packaging we can provide you. See, we believe that a box of love should not only taste delicious, but it should also look magnificent. That’s why we put a lot of thought, creativity, and love into every single Chocolate Gift Hamper of ours. Rest assured that your best will only receive the best there is.

                      A gift should look thoughtful and boozy, I mean, come on, you have to agree it is rather difficult to check both the boxes easily. And here, you don’t have to worry about it because we’ve done the work for you.

                      Chocolate Gift Boxes Information

                      The products are priced a little on the higher end but as we said, love can’t be measured in coins. Although we do understand the concept of a budget. Hence, our Chocolate Gift Boxes are priced at the best optimal value. We make sure that you and your best receives the best that there is. And to ensure that quality you do need to sometimes put in an extra coin for it.

                      1. How long does the delivery take?

                      The delivery time varies according to the delivery location. But, we even provide same-day delivery services to locations well within our boundaries at a minimal extra fee.

                      2. Do I have to pay more for same-day delivery?

                      Need a Customized Chocolate Gift Box urgently? We’ve got you covered. But to get delivery this urgent, you’ll have to pay a minimal premium delivery fee to ensure the fastest and safest delivery possible.

                      3. Is there an option for Pay On Delivery?

                      Right now keeping the current situation in mind, we do not have the option for Pay On Delivery to ensure maximum safety for both our Studio Santa and the reviewer.

                      4. Are all the products premium quality?

                      As I mentioned, we only provide the best for your best. All the brands and products are of premium quality. The products pass a security check to ensure maximum quality before they’re dispatched for delivery.

                      5. Is It available in New Delhi?

                      Currently, we’re solely operating in Mumbai and Kolkata but hopefully, we’ll soon reach you!