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5 Unique and Timeless Gifting Ideas for Men

The most significant assumption that people often make with regards to men. is that they don’t like to be expressive or share  their emotions. This is simply not true; in today’s modern world, men openly appreciate affectionate gestures just as much as women do. The most adorable gesture to make a man feel loved is to give him a present that connects with his personality while making an emotional connection. Be it your father, brother or that special someone, a thoughtful gift is always appreciated. 

In this blog, we will share with you 5 unique and timeless gift ideas for men, for they deserve some pampering too!


  • Heavenly gifts for Wine Lovers

    A wine bottle in a customised hamper is one of the classiest gifts you can give to just about anyone. At The Gift Studio, we’ve put together an elegant collection of world-class wine brands, containing everything from Merlots to Chardonnays. With just a click, we pack these delicious spirits into a hamper with beautiful embellishments of your choice. The hampers are then filled with accompaniments like savoury snacks, cheese platters, and just anything that you think would complement the selected wine. We have made a whole lot of exotic and delightful combinations for any recipient to fall in love with!

    Check out these stylish wine gift hampers, curated to fit all tastes and preferences. Celebrating an anniversary with your special someone? Let us help you find the perfect gift for him. Stuffed with condiments and aromas so mesmerising, they will take him on a delightful journey.

    Time to wine down

    On cloud wine

    The entertainer

    The Sip Sip Hooray Trunk


  • A Bash for the Brew Boys
  • Know a man who loves beers and hops and just can’t get enough of them? Perhaps it’s daddy cool, we have incredible beer hampers that might just be the most ideal gift for him.

    The Gift Studio has curated a medley of beer based hampers for you to choose from. Whether you just want to give a boatload of exotic beers, or add in a dash of the crispiest tacos and the tangiest dips, we’ve kept in mind the preferences of each person and built a selection of beer hampers that make for an unmatchable gift for men of all tastes.

    I Can Beer You

    Cheers and Beers

    Beer O’ clock


    • It’s All About the Bite

    Looking for a gift for your foodie brother or guy-bestie? Pamper him with our exciting gourmet hampers and scrumptious platters, with sweet and savoury delights chosen and sourced from all around the world. We promise these hampers will definitely bring a smile to his face. Choose from our numerous meat platters or have a look at our choicest nuts, all packed together in adorable boxes. We also have perfect gift ideas for the health-conscious man: hampers filled with granolas, cookies and all things nice!

    The Bose Krishnamachari

    Charcuterie Lover

    Nuts about Nuts

    Food Lover’s Trunk


  • Stream & Snack It Up
  • Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or planning a surprise friday night date with your better half, there’s no better gift for him than a cosy binge-watch session. Add a spark of flavour to the moment with our munch-worthy hampers, featuring delectables that are sure to please both him and you. These hampers are filled with lovely condiments and rare finds which will make your binge night even more exciting.

    The Midnight Stash

    The Binge

    The Guilt Free


  • Please that Sweet Tooth
  • If your recipient has a sweet tooth, we might have the perfect gift ideas to brighten up his day. Featuring the creamiest cookies, finest imported chocolates, and premium sweet treats, all assembled into stunning boxes, that make for the perfect gift for men who love a dash of sweet and sour.


    You can customise these gift hampers and add in products which you believe go better with his taste, and even dial up the decor in case of the occasion to create a gift ensemble that leaves a lasting impression.

    The Chocoholic

    Little Nibbles

    The Candy Crush Box

    Sweet Adventures

    The Gift Studio offers the perfect gift ideas for men of all tastes. Need some help with planning your gift, we’re always just a click away. So choose from our ready-made hampers or customise one of your own, and give that special someone a surprise to remember!