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The World Food Series by The Gift Studio

What is the most common activity on people’s to – do – list? It is to travel across the world, witness their history and taste their cultures. What if we told you that you can travel across the continents while sitting at home? 

The World Food Series brought to you by The Gift Studio is an ultimate collection of assortments representing the most exotic cities around the globe. The most flavorful products packed into the most attractive hampers. Pack your bags as we take you on this flavorful journey.

Weekend In London

Our First Destination is the Royal City of London. This hamper will teleport you to the mesmerizing streets of London, filled with aroma of freshly brewed tea, crumbly shortbread biscuits, alongside of ginger biscuits. To give you the authentic taste of the London’s richness, we have filled the hamper with a can of baked beans and cherry preserve. Gift yourself and your friends with the Royalty Called the “Weekend In London.”


Weekend In Paris

Paris has to be the most dreamy and romantic destination in our World Food Series. With the finely picked tea leaves from Paris, and the flakiest Croissants dipped in the sweetness of France we have curated a hamper filled with love. Taste world’s finest dark chocolate along with the camembert cheese. This hamper is a must try to experience the chique French Culture and taste.


Weekend in New York

New York’s finest products blended into a hamper which is best served with love. The chaotic and exciting city of New York can’t be explored until you get your hands onto these incredible gourmet products. Combined with the tangiest savoury snacks, accompanied by the crunchiest cookies and medled with tea; this hamper is a must have for those who can’t get enough of the grandness of NYC.

Weekend in Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal and Love are synonymous, and so is this hamper. Travel to the most ancient yet beautiful city of India through our variety of products handpicked just for you. The freshness of Indian tea leaves, made awesome with the adorable makhana pops. We also let you explore the indigenous masala flavor of India through the finest Pringles and chickpeas. Gift it to someone you love, because this hamper feels like a warm hug.


We have created two hampers out of the uniqueness and blend of different cultures of Asia.

Spicy and mouthwatering flavours of East Asia are carefully packed into this wondrous hamper. The most exotic sauces served with the fines rice noodles will take you on a journey unforgettable. Additionally, Wasabi and Japanese noodles will take you on a delightful ride of the tastiest Asian Cuisine. 

Checkout our Far East Asia and the Ultimate Asian Snack Box hampers to delve into the scrumptiousness of Sushi, Wasabi and what not.

Italy – is an emotion

The beauty of Italy is captured in these two extraordinary hampers, each decoding the mystic Italian cuisine – Italian Fiesta & The Italian Dream 

Italy, calls for the undisputed and original Pasta and Seasonings. Travel through the lovely country of Italy and have a fiesta(quite literally!). Get yourself this hamper and have access to the insides of the amazing Italian Culture, which has pasta and the tangiest olives. Seasoned with love and care. Get on the Italian Journey with us and choose the hamper which best defines your Italian Experience.


Hola Mexico 

Our next exciting destination is Mexico, a feast you should definitely not miss out on. Nachos with Jalapeno Cheese Dip, tortilla with the finest sauces. Find the best Mexican combinations inside the hamper. Gift this hampers to your special ones who can’t stop exploring new flavours.


A perfect hamper filled with the classiest wine bottles. The goodness of Italian noodles, with sweetness of fig and honey just got better with a dash of Italian wine


The Luxury World Food Trunk

An elegant collection curated by Mrs. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, filled with an assortment of products all around the world. It is a medley of different cuisines of Italy, Asia, France, Belgium and Mexico. Best handpicked goodies from all around the world put into one hamper for those who can’t wait to experience all things at once.

The World Food Series is an incredible ensemble of world’s finest snacks, gourmet products and cuisines. Grab the themed hampers based on the places you are most excited to visit. Without the hassle of searching for World food near me, share the experience with your loved ones by gifting these unique and stylish hampers by The Gift Studio.